Welcome to Smarter and Harder!

Hi, welcome to Smarter and Harder – a place that’s part blog, part personal growth experiment, part secret underground fight club, and part positive support community. Okay, it’s most of those things, anyway.

Around here we explore ways to make life a better place from almost every angle – improving health and happiness, advancing in our professional lives, reaching personal goals, achieving financial freedom, and who knows what else?

And it’s all built on one simple idea: the patented (not actually patented) Smarter and Harder mindset!

Where Should We Start?

The Smarter and Harder Mindset

I know, it seems kind of weird, right? Isn’t it supposed to be “Work Smarter, not Harder?”

Everything we talk about here is built on two basic principles: doing a whole lot less of everything that holds you back, and finding a whole lot more of what lifts you up. That’s it. Less and More.

Or in other words, Smarter and Harder.

By combining the two, we can free up an amazing amount of time, energy, and space in our life. Then, we can reinvest those critical resources back into our passions, goals, and dreams. The only reasonable outcome is an exponential pattern of success.

For more background on the Smarter and Harder mindset, start with this post.

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