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Get More Out of Your Money

legs running on treadmill near window

The Hedonic Treadmill and the Insidious Toll of Lifestyle Creep

What do you think of when you picture a treadmill? Most likely, it’s some combination of working hard, going nowhere, feeling miserable, and wanting to be somewhere else. Similarly, the …

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automation robot head with headset and microphone

Set It and Forget It: 11 Easy Ways to Automate Your Finances

How much time do you spend managing your money each month – paying bills, checking balances, and moving funds around? Is it a few hours, maybe half a day? If …

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hands with calculator and laptop doing tax calculations

The Inheritance Tax: Making Death and Taxes a Little Less Certain

As Benjamin Franklin stated over 200 years ago, “…in this world, nothing can be said to be certain except death and taxes.” The adage rings especially true where these two …

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blue and purple bar graph projecting from phone

Taking a “Boil the Frog” Approach to Personal Finance

Pop culture tends to portray money matters the same way it does superheroes, celebrity gossip, and street racing – larger-than-life, explosive, and heart-pounding at every turn. Real-life personal finance may …

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Seeking Health and Happiness

tiger in living room in front of white couch

It’s not a Tiger: Conquering Negativity Bias

Last weekend, while visiting a town a few hours away, I got into a pickle with a parking spot. It was a pretty pesky parking pickle, to be honest with …

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person holding cardboard smile sign

Recognizing Optimism Bias: Are You an Irrational Optimist?

Would you believe that the average person expects to live a better-than-average life? The math doesn’t add up, but this skewed perception is quite common. This gap between perception and …

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wooden models carrying colorful blocks

Emotional Labor: 4 Tips for Sharing the Mental Load

Have you ever felt, much like Jennifer Aniston’s character in The Breakup, that you didn’t just want your partner to do the dishes; you wanted them to want to do …

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happy woman in tan shirt smiling

Self-Respect: The Secret Sauce for Confidence, Compassion, and Contentment

Self-respect is a quiet force that often weaves its way through your entire day. It influences how you think about yourself, how you treat others, and your decisions. Learning to …

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Personal Growth and Development

person stretching leg while out jogging

4 Ways to Build Resilience and Better Navigate Stressful Situations

Resilience often distinguishes my proudest accomplishments from those moments when I most disappointed myself or came up short. Same thing when I try to figure out what I most need …

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woman multitasking at desk with laptops and phones

Single-Tasking: Debunking the Myth of Productive Multitasking

I hear a lot of skepticism about the idea of single-tasking. In a world that at every turn seems to become busier and more chaotic than before, we still talk …

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breaking down problem into components yellow blocks blue background

4 Steps to Break Down Problems into Simple, Manageable Parts

Have you ever gotten yourself all worked up to solve a major challenge in your life? Was your solution to the problem to jump right in and go for it? …

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big clock with many small clocks

17 Practical Time Management Tips for a Stress-Free Life

Have you ever woken up in the morning, and instead of feeling overwhelmed by everything you have to do that day, you feel calm, refreshed, and ready to face the …

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