Are you feeling fired up and ready to take concrete steps to move your life forward? Then you’ve come to the right place! Smarter and Harder has an always-growing library of downloadable self-help resources, practical tools to help you zero in on your goals and build a happier life.

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Guide to Breaking Down the Problem (Step-by-Step)

Facing a big challenge can feel totally overwhelming. But more often than not, it’s actually a collection of smaller problems all wrapped up into one. Use this guide to take a look closer at your “big” problem, and break it down into manageable parts.

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3 Personal Finance Calculations Worksheet

Despite what financial advisors, Wall Street, and credit card companies want you to believe, there are very few money numbers you need to track for a healthy financial life. This worksheet teaches you how to calculate the only three metrics you actually need to understand: Savings Rate, Time to Goal, and Net Worth Delta. Go through this exercise periodically to keep yourself on track with your money health!

Learn why these are the only 3 personal finance calculations you need (and which 4 calculations you DON’T need) here.

Ultimate Self Sufficiency Guide

Living a more independent lifestyle has huge benefits. This guide contains over two dozen self-sufficient habits you can adopt to live more sustainably while saving money, developing new skills, be less dependent on others, and create a stronger sense of self-worth.

To learn more about the irresistible satisfaction of self sufficiency, you can start here.

Digital Decluttering Checklist

Clean up your virtual world with digital minimalism! This free checklist a will guide you through an 8-week digital decluttering challenge. 8 simple steps to spring clean all of your digital devices. Simple living and a minimalist lifestyle aren’t just for your home!

Learn more about the benefits of digital minimalism here.

Goal Check-In Workbook

It’s great to have goals, but life is constantly changing and sometimes we need to update our plans. When is the last time you checked in on your school, work, or life goals? Get this free workbook to help you check in, update your plans and get back on track achieve your goals!

You can read more about the importance of keeping your goals refreshed and up to date here.

Productivity Self Check-In

How do you know if you’re really in a productive groove, or just keeping yourself frantically busy? This 5-minute self check-in worksheet will help you see the difference. Use our little activity guide to practice your productivity mindset and get used to focusing on high-value activities!

For more background on the difference between productivity and busyness, check out this blog post.

Breaks Picklist Workbook

The capacity to take restful, refreshing breaks is one of the most underestimated tools for improving productivity, while at the same time improving your internal sense of calm and control. Use this workbook to brainstorm a variety of rejuvenating break options that fit your life and schedule. Stop burning yourself out and feeling overwhelmed by your day, and start feeling refreshed and more productive than ever!

To learn more about the value of taking breaks, and why it has such a profound impact on the workday, check out 5 Techniques for Fueling Your Work by Taking Breaks.