Spring Clean Your Spring Cleaning: The Season of Less and More

Spring is a season often defined by one of two things which, on the surface, may appear to be diametric opposites.

One is subtraction – spring cleaning, out with the old, shaking off the weight of winter and cleaning the slate. The other is addition – revival, in with the new, setting new goals, an explosion of color in nature, the birth of cute little tiny baby animals that are so adorable I could die.

But you know as well as I do that addition and subtraction don’t always have to be opposing forces. Sometimes, they can be the very best of friends.

Smarter and Harder, at its core, has always been a celebration of this partnership. The symbiosis of less and more. The “out with the old” that fuels the “in with the new.” 

In this spring spirit of less and more, decluttering and revival, here are a few things you can think about this week to breathe vibrant new life into your, well, y’know, life.

Your Season of Less and More

Prune Your Tree of Personal Growth

Personal growth encompasses many things. From the very tangible health, money, and career goals, to the harder-to-measure efforts like improving our relationships or building the skill of happiness, we each have a unique basket of goals and desires for our own lives. No two may look exactly the same.

Likewise, your various goals and personal growth projects may not look the same as they did (or will) at any other stage of your own life. And that’s okay.

With time, our wants and needs change and evolve. This is why it’s so essential to take care of your tree of personal growth, trim the dead branches from time to time, and allow it to keep growing. For instance, spring is a great time to do a goals self-check-in and update your progress and direction for the months ahead.

Weed Your Digital Garden

Just as countless families head into their yards and gardens this time of year to clear away the refuse of seasons past to make room for new growth, we can do a similar style of cleanup in our digital gardens.

Like it or not, the vast majority of us now spend a significant amount of time online or on our digital devices. You can try and fight it, or you can spend a bit of energy to embrace this reality in a healthy way.

That means digital decluttering. Take some time, periodically, to clear out unused apps, files, media, etc from your digital world. This can have a surprisingly positive impact on your peace of mind, not to mention improving the life and performance of your devices themselves.

While you’re at it, why not give your social media feeds a spring cleaning?

Plant Fresh Seeds

Spring can be a magical season for reducing, decluttering, and creating more negative space. But it doesn’t all have to be about downsizing. Cleaning the slate is a marvelous opportunity to consider what should go onto that slate next.

As you fill up biodegradable lawn bags with clippings of last year’s personal goals, professional pursuits, and social media accounts, you also have the perfect chance to think about what you will plant next.

Practice letting go of the old while simultaneously welcoming the new. What comes next in your life? Where do you want your journey to take you from here? Don’t wait for the perfect time to start, because it’s already here. Take the first step today, whatever it is. Plant your seeds and watch them grow.

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  1. “Spring energy” is a powerful source of inspiration. So far, the closet, the yard and the streaming apps have been “Spring Simplified”!


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