6 Bad Habits That Drain Your Energy

Smarter and Harder

Unhealthy habits can have a massive impact on your energy level and overall wellbeing.

These sneaky habits could be wearing you out without you even noticing!

A Negative Attitude

Hey, life happens. But leaning too much into negativity can be a serious emotional drain on you and the people around you.

Trying to Do It All

There will never be enough time to get absolutely everything done, but there's always enough time for what matters most. It all comes down to choices.

Sweatpants Addiction

Rest is an essential human need, but too much at once can paradoxically make you feel tired and lazy. Keep rest in balance with healthy activity!

Being Inflexible

Things won't always go the way you expect, and that's okay. Stubbornly clinging to old expectations isn't worth the waste of energy.

Making Excuses

Sometimes something comes up and you need to make an exception. But making too many excuses will lower your self-respect and drain your energy.

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