8 Controversial Life Lessons

Lined Circle

For Personal Growth

Sometimes for the best results, age-old advice needs to be flipped on its head. Let's give it a shot.

Knowing when it's the right time to quit is an important part of the learning and growth process.

1. Give Up Sometimes

Teamwork is great, but the more you are able to do for yourself, the more options and flexibility you will have later.

2. Do It Yourself

Preparation is great in moderation. But know when it's time to take the leap!

3. There Is Such a Thing as "Too Prepared"

It's not always about more more more, faster faster faster. Sometimes you need to slow down and look around before you decide the next step.

4. Slow Down to Speed Up

Set aside recognition and do your best work for you and you alone.

5. Work Hard When No One's Watching

Free space, free time, spare mental energy and unspent money are some of the best gifts you can give yourself.

6. Get More Nothing

In the journey to be your best self, don't forget to be your whole self,  too.

7. Stay Weird

Now the thing is, and this is a really crucial point, 

8. Stop Before You're Done