8 Ways Automation Can Simplify Your Life

Smarter and Harder

In a relatively short time, automation has evolved from a productivity tool for businesses to something that can help ordinary people with everyday life.

Today, automation is everywhere, often going entirely unnoticed. For example, many of the things we do on our phones and other devices daily are forms of automation. 

Automation works best on tasks that are difficult or unpleasant for humans to complete, but very easy for software and machines. For example: highly repetitive tasks, or ones that require precise timing.

By choosing to automate more of these tasks, you can free up a great deal of time and energy for the parts of your life you truly care about.

Automation can also increase the speed and quality of your work, and reduce unnecessary mistakes like missed details and forgotten deadlines.

If you are ready to start automating more of your life and getting back to the things you love, consider some of these simple, easy options.

1. Calendars and Reminders

Digital reminders are a common type of automation many of us rely on already. Using these tools as much as you can helps reduce mental burden and stress, and make sure everything is happening right on time.

2. Bill Pay

Online bill pay is one of the easiest types of automation to set up, and can greatly reduce financial stress, knowing that everything will be paid on time and accurately.

3. Smart Home Automation

Though still in its infancy, smart home tech offers countless ways to streamline everyday life and simplify basic household management.

4. Online Communication

Messages, emails, and notifications consume a ton of our attention. Setting up filters, rules, and other settings to reduce this constant stream will free up massive mental energy.

5. Auto-Save and Invest

Like bill pay, automating areas of your finances like your savings goals can ensure you're moving in the right direction and upholding good money habits each month.

6. Habit Stacks and Routines

Even without technology, building healthy and productive behaviors into consistent habits is a great way to "automate" good practices into your life.


The IFTTT (If This, Then That) app gives you the tools to automate almost anything. Sometimes a bit more complex than other options here, IFTTT is an open-ended platform with almost infinite possibilities.

8. Paperwork

As another form of "soft automation," try creating rules for yourself when dealing with physical paperwork -- what to file away, what to sort out etc. Save time and energy by creating simple systems.

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