The 9 Best Personal Finance Books Ever Written

The Millionaire Next Door


In the first major study of its kind, Tom Stanley reveals that almost everything we thought we knew about American millionaires was wrong.

I Will Teach You to Be Rich


Ramit Sethi offers all-around helpful advice on managing money, investing, and building wealth, all while having a great time and building an awesome life

Your Money or Your Life


In the book that arguably spawned the whole FIRE movement, Vicki Robin offers a path to use your money for something immensely powerful: freedom

Napkin Finance


Good personal finance should be simple. Tina Hay masterfully shows us how to cut through the noise and focus on what matters in this terrific modern take on money.

The Simple Path to Wealth


JL Collins, one of the original big names in money blogging, draws a map for simple, reliable wealth creation that anyone can replicate without any advanced skill.

A Random Walk Down Wall Street


Good investing is not about "beating the market," and it never was. Expert economist Burton Malkiel demonstrates how the world of investing never changes.

The Richest Man in Babylon


Simple, timeless lessons about building a prosperous life with money, all carried out through engaging and digestible parables set in the ancient world.

Think and Grow Rich


In one of the motivational classics that put the self-help genre on the map, Napoleon Hill gives his powerful insights on how to build a thriving life with money and beyond.

The Automatic Millionaire


Set it and forget it. David Bach shows how truly simple wealth-building can be with the power of automation in his classic "one-step" financial plan.

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