Smarter and Harder

6 Methods to Consciously Build Empathy

Empathy is an essential human trait, contributing to happiness, strong relationships, and more

The best part is, it's something you can intentionally build. Here are a few great ways to do that.

1. Introduce Yourself

Meeting new people and learning about their experience broadens your perspective. 

2. Challenge Your Ideas

Engaging with beliefs and opinions you disagree with enables both sides to deepen their understanding and build connection.

3. Active Listening

Practice not just listening to people's words, but taking an interest in their stories, passions, and challenges.

4. Visit New Places

Go somewhere new and see what you can learn from the people there. Their perspective can diversify your own.

5. Meditate

Sitting patiently with your own thoughts and emotions helps to better understand those of others.

6. Have Difficult Conversations

Tense discussions, debates, and arguments will test your empathy, helping it to grow like a muscle after a workout.

Empathy is not something we're born with, and it's not set in stone. With a little attention and effort, it's something we can all continue to build over time.

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