The Business of Busyness:

Smarter and Harder

The Great Productivity Myth

Conventional productivity advice is obsessed with the idea of "more" - ways to get more done, fit more in, and make more use of our limited resources.

Before even following this advice, most of us already live busy lives. Making time for work, friends, family, downtime, and the logistics of life is no small hurdle.

For many, busyness is the default state, constantly running from one commitment to the next, always tired and usually wishing there were more hours in the day.

In response, countless productivity experts arise, offering strategies to help you manage your time better, fit more in, and get more done.

But what if the answer was to go in the opposite direction? What if, instead of more, you decided to pursue less? Less busyness, less stress, less exhaustion...

Less busy people have more room in their lives for themselves and the things they want to do, contributing to improved happiness and mental health. 

And ironically, being less busy often leads to getting more done, since multitasking erodes focus, blurs priorities, and invites distractions.

If you want to start overcoming busyness and having more peaceful, intentional, productive days, here are a few things you can try.

Plan First, Act Later

When nothing is a priority, everything is. Start your day with a basic outline of what is most important so you can filter out what isn't.

Take Restful Breaks

There's nothing lazy about rest. Short breaks in your day give you space to think, recharge, and reset for what comes next.

Filter Out Distractions

When you have important work to do, set up an environment that will reduce extra demands on your time and attention.

Practice Saying "No."

People will always have requests for your time and energy, but sometimes the best thing you can do is set boundaries and conserve those resources.

We live in a world of constant busyness, and breaking out of the cycle isn't easy. But with a bit of practice, you can learn to slow down and live each moment as it comes.

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