5 Ways to Be More Consistent With Your Goals

Most of the biggest things we pursue in life - like professional success, money goals, and pristine health - take time.

While a rush of effort and motivation can help move toward those goals, over time they often come up short.

Instead, long-term consistency and good habits make much more of a difference in achieving big things and overcoming obstacles.

If you want to be more consistent with healthy and productive habits to reach your goals, try some of the following tips.

1. Start Small

Habits become more resilient over time when you start with small and achievable, then build on it gradually.

2. Habit Stacking

You can leverage the momentum of an existing habit or routine by connecting new behaviors to it in a so-called "habit stack."

3. Make a Positive Association

It's much easier to stay consistent with something you enjoy. Find (or add) the parts of the behavior that make it fun, light, and rewarding.

4. Lower the Bar

Showing up consistently is more important than knocking it out of the park every time. If you can only do something partway today, it's okay to call that a win!

5. Lean Into Accountability

Accountability is great at keeping us on track with goals at our jobs and schools. But with a bit of planning, you can take advantage of it for yourself.

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