6 Ways to Develop Soaring Generosity

Generosity is a magical thing. It makes people feel appreciated and loved, while rewarding the giver with fulfillment and a sense of purpose.

Better yet, generosity is contagious, inspiring one person after another to show kindness and openly give to others.

Although, there are some misconceptions about what it means to be generous, and these can be problematic.

Focusing on the wrong things with your generosity, or going about it in the wrong way, can backfire and even cause harm.

Use some of these tips to unlock your inner generosity and the happiness that comes with it in a loving, positive way.

1. Give With Both Hands

Committing your full self to the act of giving, both metaphorically and literally, shows that you are present and invested.

2. Be Selfish About It

It's okay to be motivated by your own positive feelings in being generous, because the result is kindness and giving either way!

3. Measure Only in Enthusiasm

Set aside worries about things like price, size, or amount. Focus instead on how much energy you put into finding or making the perfect thing for someone you care about.

4. Don't Worry About Rules

It's easy to focus so much on the "right" way to choose or give a gift for an occasion that you lose sight of the simple joy of sharing loving through giving!

5. Give 'Till It Feels Great

Generosity shouldn't hurt. There's no need to give what you can't manage or afford. What you have to share and give is plenty!

6. It's (Really) the Thought That Counts

Don't use this expression as an excuse. Use it as a reminder that the value of a gift is in thinking about the recipient and what makes them happy.

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