6 Ways to Navigate Tough Conversations

Navigating serious conversations can be quite difficult, especially when dealing with sensitive topics.

Try some of the following methods to steer your difficult conversations in a healthy direction and build stronger relationships!

1. Lead With Empathy

The most important thing in any conversation is to keep the other person's perspective in mind and consider their emotions.

2. Build Cooperation

It's tempting to try to "win" a debate, but the conversation will always go smoother if you look for common ground and cooperation.

3. Attack the Issue, not the Person

Personal attacks never make a difficult talk go better. Remember to focus on the issue between you rather than faults or blame.

4. Avoid Polarizing Points

It's not always easy to keep a level head, but steering into points that will drive a wedge is counterproductive.

5. Use Facts, But Sparingly

It's great to have factual information to back up your points, but convincing someone of your perspective takes more than flooding them with facts.

6. Build a Growth Mindset

Giving yourself (and others) room to grow is a great building block for open-minded discussions and learning together in difficult moments.

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