5 Ways to Practice Digital Decluttering

Smarter and Harder

Minimalism, is the practice of reducing, decluttering, and making more space for the things in your life that matter to you.

But that doesn't only mean physical, tangible things.

Digital minimalism is the art of reducing, decluttering, and making more room for yourself in your digital spaces.

There are numerous benefits to digital decluttering, including better battery life and performance of your devices, greater ease of use, and a counter to planned obsolescence.

Here are a few types of digital decluttering you can try out today.

#1 Photos and Videos

Clearing out old media files frees up a lot of space, and is a fun way to check back on memories you still love.

#2 Inbox Zero

Clearing out old messages makes it easier to stay on top of new ones and find important info quickly.

#3 Music and Playlists

Tastes evolve and change over time. Make more room in your music app for the stuff you're bumping today.

#4 Files and Documents

You probably don't need that history homework from 10 years ago, and wouldn't life be a little easier without it?

#5 Unused Apps

Old apps take up space, slow down devices, and are probably collecting your data. You can always download one again later if you still need it.

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