10 Steps to Become a Digital Nomad

Smarter and Harder


Ask the Big Questions

What will your nomadic lifestyle look like? Where will you go? Are you prepared for the challenges?


Unlimited possibilities is a great thing, but can cause issues. Focus on what you most want to do with this chapter of your life.

Narrow Your Focus


Secure a Job

The biggest prerequisite for a digital nomadic lifestyle is a remote job that pays you and offers geographic flexibility.


How much will you be making on your travel-focused lifestyle? What will the costs be?

Set a Budget


Besides your budget, it's best to start with additional savings set aside and a plan for financial emergencies.

Prep Your Finances


Pick Your First Destination

You can update and adjust your path as you go, but it's best to start with your first destination already in mind.


Research Local Conditions

Before reaching your first destination, you'll want to know some basics like where you'll stay, work, buy food, and clean your laundry.


With your plan in place, now it's time to buy the plane ticket, plot the road trip, or book where you'll be staying.

Pull the Trigger


Pack Your Bags

With the process in motion, the next step is to start packing all the essentials you'll need for a working life on the go.



Once your new life is in motion, take some time to step back and see what works, what doesn't, and what changes you want to make along the way.

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