Smarter and Harder

11 Productivity-Killing Distractions to Avoid

1. Busywork

Filling up your day with tasks just for the sake of it can wear you out while also distracting you from more important work.

2. Notifications

An endless stream of beeps, buzzes, and dings constantly demands your attention and makes it impossible to sink into deep focus.

3. Negative Thinking

By focusing heavily on negative thoughts about the past or future, you take yourself out of the present and inhibit concentration.

4. Chasing Shiny Ideas

When working on something difficult, it's tempting to switch to something new and fun, but this comes at a steep cost.

5. Other People's Problems

It often feels easier to focus on what someone else needs than what you need, which can be a tricky type of distraction.

6. Noise

Noise is not just sounds. It also includes visual distractions and chaotic environments that distract you from your work repeatedly

7. Over-Preparing

While it's always good to be prepared, leaning too much on prep is sometimes a way we avoid moving forward.

8. Conversations

Having people to chat with is a great thing, but at the wrong time, it can totally derail your focus and crush productivity.

9. Perfectionism

Don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good. A task you can finish is better than one perpetually coming closer to perfect.

10. Waiting for the right time

The longer you wait to start a project, the harder you make it to complete. Instead of waiting, jump in and adapt as you go!

11. Too many breaks

If you need a break to recharge, you should take one, but be careful not to lean on rest as a way to avoid a major goal!

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