10 Employer Red Flags to Watch Out for Early

Smarter and Harder

While playing hard can be a lot of fun, leaders who use this phrase will usually lean much more on the "work hard" side.

1. Work Hard, Play Hard

Does the company treat you like a team member, or do they default to treating you like a problem before you've had a chance to be one?

2. Default Animosity

Office parties and gift card bonuses are nice, but they won't make up for insufficient pay and poor conditions.

3. Cosmetic Perks

If other employees are frequently leaving the job, there's probably a good reason, and it may soon affect you too.

4. High Turnover

Do company leadership offer one thing, then deliver another? This behavior could be part of a larger, problematic pattern.

5. Bait and Switching

Intimidation, retaliation, and other tactics that discourage employees from speaking up for themselves are major warning signs.

6. Discouraging Self-Advocacy

If your company spends too much on showy purchases but ignores important infrastructure or employee pay, it could spell trouble.

7. Budget Priorities

In a culture where no one takes responsibility and everyone points fingers, it's only a matter of time before you take the blame.

8. Passing the Buck

Most job contracts should be simple and easy to understand. If not, they could be hiding predatory clauses and terms.

9. Shady Contracts

Foosball and company happy hours are fun, but often used to normalize keeping staff in the office for longer and longer hours.

10. Office Traps

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