Smarter and Harder

11 Fun and free things to do with friends

Grab a basket and a blanket, and enjoy a day of eating, drinking, and laughing together outside.

1. Picnic in the Park

It doesn't matter who makes what. What matters is good times around the table with the people you love.

2. DIY Dinner Party

Sing your hearts out in the living room, basement, or backyard to relive nostalgia or discover new favorites.

3. Karaoke

Instead of going out shopping, consider turning a day of decluttering into a bit of profitable fun!

4. Yard Sale

From learning a new topic to practicing a foreign language, learning's always easier- and more fun- with a few friends.

5. Learn Something New

Board games, video games, D&D, you name it! Games are a cheap and easy way to forge new delightful memories.

6. Gaming

Whether to study, browse, or simply look around, local libraries are a great place to pass some quiet, free time together.

7. Visit a Library

Spend a day volunteering with a local organization to give back and have fun with your friends doing it!

8. Volunteer

Rewatch a favorite series together, discover new favorites, or have everyone pick one for the group.

9. Movie Marathon

Local events like a holiday parade or annual festival are usually free, fun, and a great way to shake up the routine.

10. Local Events

Create something new, teach each other art and craft skills, or even take on a new DIY project as a team!

11. Crafting Hangout

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