Smarter and Harder

The 8 Most Popular Home Renovation Projects

1. Kitchen Remodeling

Changing the fixtures, appliances, layout, and finish of a kitchen can transform the heart of your home!

2. New Light fixtures

Lighting can drastically change the mood and feel of a room, and even help to regulate your body's rhythm and sleep schedule.

3. Fresh Paint

A new coat of paint is one of the most cost-effective ways to radically change the appearance of a home both inside and out.

4. New Flooring

From hardwood to laminate to carpets, flooring is a great way to update a room to fit your family's lifestlye and visual tastes.

5. Building a Deck

Whether creating a new deck or updating an old one, a porch adds a whole new dimension of fun and beauty to a backyard.

6. Replacing Windows

Modern windows look better, are easier to use, and can significantly reduce your utility bills!

7. Bathroom remodel

New flooring, colors, lighting, and finish can turn an old family bathroom into a spa-like retreat.

8. Finishing the basement 

A finished basement can add a new den, recreational space, or even a whole apartment to an existing home.

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