9 Ways to Save Big on Your Honeymoon

1. Set a Budget

The best way to save money is to set out knowing how much you plan to spend, and on what.

2. Use Points and Miles

Your honeymoon is a perfect time to cash in those hard-earned miles to cut down the final bill!

3. Get Travel Insurance

A good insurance plan can cover you in the case of any potential financial disasters while you're traveling.

4. Use Flight Comparisons

Search your itinerary on Kayak or Google Flights to compare all your options before you book!

5. Travel Closer

Picking an awesome destination near home can drastically cut your travel costs.

6. Go in the Off-Season

Travel off peak season to find significantly reduced flight and hotel costs.

7. Tell People You're Honeymooning

You'd be surprised at the number of free perks and upgrades people love to give to newlyweds!

8. Plan a Minimoon

Take a mini weekend trip now, and save up for the honeymoon of your dreams a bit later on!

9. Balance Free and Paid Fun

Most destinations have no shortage of fun activities you can do completely free!

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