7 Hypermiling Tips to Help Save on Gas

Smarter and Harder

Gas prices rise and fall, but keeping a car fueled and moving is almost never cheap.

For daily commuters, gas can be one of the biggest expenses in the monthly budget.

To combat this challenge, many frugal drivers have adopted hypermiling, the practice of driving more efficiently to reduce fuel costs.

Hypermiling can improve a vehicle's fuel efficiency, and even lower maintenance costs by reducing the wear and tear of daily driving.

It's important to note that while hypermiling can be a great way to save money, some techniques are considered unsafe and not worth the risk.


However, there are still plenty of great ways to improve gas mileage that are safe, legal, and easy. Here are a few you can start practicing today.

1. Reduce Your Cargo

A car uses energy to transport itself, its riders, and anything else inside it. Cleaning out your trunk and other areas of unnecessary clutter can help reduce this burden.

2. Drive at an Efficient Speed

Stop-and-go traffic wastes gas, but so does excessive speeding.  Keeping your car between 30-55 mph when safe and legal to do so helps get the most out of your fuel.

3. Plan Your Route

Thinking about how you will get where you're going, as well as when you leave, can help avoid ugly traffic and stick to roads that let you maintain a better cruising speed.

4. Plan Your Maneuvers

Preparing for an action like an upcoming turn or lane change will help you execute the move more smoothly. Unnecessary accelerating and braking may not seem like a big deal, but the fuel cost of these moves adds up.

5. Work With the Climate

Parking in the sun during cold months, or in shade during hotter months can go a long way. Keeping your engine at an optimal temp and reducing the burden of air conditioning or heating can significantly help fuel economy.

6. Keep up With Maintenance

Routine tune-ups and service are an easily-overlooked way to save big money driving. A well-maintained car will not only run more efficiently, but is also at a much lower risk of needing serious repairs later.

7. Don't Drive

You can never save more money on a product than by not buying it in the first place. Whenever possible, look for cheap and eco-friendly alternatives like walking, biking, carpooling, and public transit.

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