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Impact Investing: Make Your Dollars Count

Everyday investors face many challenges - risk management, diversifying, keeping costs low, and crucially, deciding what to invest in. 

This last difficulty can be as much an ethical issue as it is a financial one. How do you invest your money without feeding ongoing problems in the world?

For many, the answer is Impact Investing: an investment strategy that emphasizes corporate responsibility and philanthropy. 

With the right carefully selected investments, ordinary people can put their money in places that it will grow while simultaneously supporting humanitarian efforts.

Like ordinary retail investing, impact investing can involve a mix of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and beyond.

The key difference is that the instruments in an impact investor's portfolio also reflect causes they wish to support.

Causes vary, but can include sustainable energy, accessible healthcare, poverty relief, and reducing waste.

There are no special skills or credentials necessary to get into impact investing, just an intention to help and a bit of capital to get started!

Whatever cause you care about, there are likely people and groups out there who can help you grow your money and help out at the same time!

All you need to get started is a bit of research into your issues of choice, and the organizations that are helping to serve that mission.

You can always start with a small initial investment, and then grow your impact over time through regular contributions!

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