8 Keys to a Happy and Fulfilling Life

People often talk about the types of things in life that won't make you happy.

Some of the most common culprits are material things, external validation, and overindulgence.

Setting those aside, what are some of the things that actually DO build lasting happiness? Let's see...

Much of life is about collecting memories to look back on later. With a conscious effort to make more positive memories, we can give ourselves more joy all along the way.

1. Memories

Life is better when we have other people to enjoy it with. Social interaction is one of our core needs as humans, and getting enough can be a big boost to our happiness.

2. Relationships

It's easier to feel satisfied with life when you are an active part of a community. Communities give us relationships, ways to give back, gathering spaces, and support when we need it most.

3. Community

Each of us is the hero of our own journey. Giving that journey some direction and purpose helps us to find lasting fulfillment. You may find purpose in your career, your community, or many other places in life.

4. Purpose

Not every dollar, second, and inch of space in life needs to be filled with something. A happy life leaves room for peace, thinking, and spontaneity.

5. Free Space

Moving through life with low self-respect creates friction for your happiness and many other things. Aim to always make choices that you respect, and you'll find yourself much more at ease.

6. Self-Respect

Much of how we experience life is defined by the way we choose to think about it. Positive thinking is not a natural talent but a skill that takes focus and practice.

7. Positive Thinking

Each of us is a leader in our own way. Finding the courage to lead others with your words, actions, and values when the time is right builds self-respect and lasting fulfillment.

8. Leadership

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