Smarter and Harder

How to Deal With a Lack of Self Control

Self-control is an essential mental resource. It helps to avoid impulsive choices and uphold healthy, productive ones.

Limited self-control can lead to poor short-term decisions, self-sabotaging behavior, and future regrets.

Fortunately, self-control isn't some cryptic or inherent trait. It's a skill you can practice and develop with focus.

By  building your capacity for self-control, you can improve your ability to stick with important goals like exercise and career growth.

Keep the following few tips in mind to gradually and intentionally strengthen your self-control muscle over time.

1. Reduce decision fatigue

Too many decisions make it harder to keep making healthy choices each time, so try to reduce this burden.

2. The willpower workout

Think of willpower like a muscle: it can get tired, but you can also exercise to make it stronger.

3. Lean on habits and routines

The more you can move with a set rhythm for your day, the less you need to rely on self-control for it!

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