The Insidious Toll of Lifestyle Creep

(and what to do about it)

Over time, we buy things. A new purchase often stirs a rush of excitement, but this feeling can wear off very quickly.

When the excitement of a new thing fades, we start to look elsewhere to reignite it. We may even feel jealous of others and what they're buying.

The most common approach is to latch onto a new idea, some purchase that promises to finally bring a measure of lasting happiness.

This process of buying, then feeling discontent, then buying again gradually forms a cycle. One name for this cycle is the Hedonic Treadmill. Another is Lifestyle Creep.

In either case, the result is the same - a life that costs progressively more money over time, without making you progressively happier.

Lifestyle creep can be a source of untold stress, not to mention financial instability. So what can we do about it?

Our brains tend to seek happiness by acquiring new things, even when that rarely works. Stepping off the hedonic treadmill requires shifting focus to things that do build happiness.


Thankfulness helps build life satisfaction and shift attention away from what you lack


Strong relationships and communities offer fulfilment that no product for sale can.

Positive Thinking

Bask in the good all around you and leave no energy for what might be missing.


Minimalism directly opposes lifestyle creep by helping you find joy in the beauty of less.

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