10 Strategies for Managing Stress at Work

Smarter and Harder

1. Keep Breathing

There's never a bad time for a deep breath. Fresh oxygen calms your nerves and re-centers you in the present moment.

2. Take Regular Breaks

Taking a break is one of the most productive things you can do. A rested and recharged mind is essential to navigating work stress.

3. Speak Up

Talk to a coworker, loved one, therapist, or supervisor for support with your work stress, depending on the situation.

4. Write It Out

Journalling gives you an opportunity to process and reflect on the things that are causing you stress, and navigate a path forward.

5. Get Some Exercise

Exercise is a perfect outlet for stressed energy, and gives you further time to reflect and process.

6. Meditate

Regular meditation practice helps with emotional processing and building an inner sense of calm.

7. Get Plenty of Self-Care

Whether you need rest, fun, exercise, or other attention, focusing on your overall wellness is essential to your mental health.

8. Make Room for Fun

Both at work and beyond, life needs fun and laughter to balance out day-to-day stresses and worries.

9. Set Healthy Boundaries

Make it clear to yourself and your coworkers when you are and are not available for work responsibilities and communication.

10. Take Small Steps

The things that cause work stress are often large obstacles. Focus on working past them one small step at a time.

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