9 Tips to Be More Confident at Work

1. Practice Confidence

Confidence doesn't always happen on its own, it's something you can practice over time.

2. Find Your Gaps

In which specific areas do you struggle with your confidence, and what can you do to bolster yourself?

3. Embrace Imperfection

No one can ever be 100% confident. Trusting this truth makes it much easier to work with what you have.

4. Boost Yourself Up

Tap into the things that cause your confidence to surge, and focus on getting more of them!

5. Hone Your Public Speaking

Comfort speaking in front of a crowd will build confidence communicating in any setting.

6. Do Your Best Work

Focusing on the things you do well and stacking up small wins helps to remind you of your value.

7. Affirmations

Small positive reminders to yourself, out loud or in a journal, are a great way to boost self-esteem

8. Never Stop Learning

Life is a journey. Focus on continuous growth and progress over fixed traits and abilities.

9. Face Your Fears

Experience with uncomfortable situations reminds you that you can handle anything.

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