13 Tips to Stay Motivated No Matter What

Smarter and Harder

1. Be Flexible

Life will always come up with new obstacles and setbacks, but as long as you're ready to adapt, they'll never be able to stop you.

2. Break Down the Problem

When you're feeling stuck, see if there's a way to break down the challenge you're facing into more manageable components.

3. Focus Only on What Comes Next

It's good to have a big goal, but getting bogged down in every detail of a plan drains motivation. Stay present and move one step at a time.

4. Consider Multiple Options

Another way to keep yourself motivated and moving when you feel stuck is to look at things from a different angle to find a new path forward.

5. Remember That Growth Isn't Linear

Life is weird. Sometimes progress comes in big bursts, and other times it may not come at all. Stay the course, and progress will come!

6. Take a Beat

Counterintuitively, sometimes the thing you need most to stay moving and energetic is to slow down and give your mind and body a moment to rest.

7. Create Accountability

External systems of accountability, such as teaming up with an accountability partner, are great at stoking your motivation to keep moving forward.

8. Positive Self-Talk

The story you tell yourself matters a great deal to your attitude. Positive self-talk can help you move forward consistently toward a goal.

9. Assess the Situation

What do you know about the task at hand? What don't you know yet? Use this knowledge to shape your plan for the path forward.

10. Use All the Tools You Have

Between personal strengths, situational advantages, the support of loved ones, and more, tap into whatever you have at your disposal to get the job done!

11. Keep Getting Up

No matter how prepared you are, challenges will come along and knock you down. Reaching a goal is as simple as getting up one more time than it can knock you down.

12. Commit to the Journey

Nothing worth achieving is easy the whole way. There will be ups and downs, but as long as you're committed the whole time, you'll get there.

13. Push Past Your Limits

Sometimes, the only way forward is to dig deep and discover a new strength you didn't know you had!

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