Forget Multitasking, It's Time for Single-Tasking.

busting the productivity myth

Like most people, your days likely often feel full to the brim with work, responsibilities, social plans, family commitments, and maybe with some luck, a hobby or two.

The world moves faster by the day, adding more to our plates without giving us more hours to fit it all in.

The typical response to this challenge is to push yourself to move faster, multitask, and juggle it all to get everything done.

The only problem here is that multitasking doesn't work. Doing too many things at once drives stress, fatigue, and burnout, all without making you more productive.

Our brains are not great at doing several things at once. Frequent context switching erodes focus and makes it harder to do tasks well.

At the same time, trying to be in multiple headspaces at once takes a heavy emotional toll, leading to constant exhaustion.

So what if, instead of multitasking, we tried single-tasking? Focusing on one thing at a time, fully, and then moving onto the next?

Research shows that by fully leaning into one task at a time, we can produce better work, and feel more satisfied with the results.

And perhaps ironically, single-tasking often leads to getting more done overall without constant interruptions due to multitasking.

Slowing down and allowing yourself to be in one place at a time is a surprisingly great way to keep up and feel happier in an always-busy world.

Give single-tasking a shot today by stepping back, setting boundaries between one task and the next, and making time for an occasional deep breath.

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