Why Life Needs Negative Space

In art and design, negative space refers to the areas of an image or other work that or not actively filled.

Negative space is more than simply emptiness. When used intentionally, it can be a powerful  tool for conveying the artist's intention.

Beyond art, this same idea applies to almost every area of life. The open, negative space can have just as much of an impact as the filled, positive space.

It is entirely too easy to commit every minute of your day, every dollar in your wallet, and every drop of energy to life's myriad responsibilities.

The result is more of everything: more stress, more commitments, more clutter filling every crevice of your life. Without negative space, there is no room to breathe, relax, and enjoy where you are.

For instance, after decluttering a room, the normal result is to slowly begin filling it up again. But what if you didn't? Free space, for its own sake, can be a tremendous source of joy.

You don't need to give 110% of yourself to everything to live a happy life. Free time in your day, space in your home, and money in your accounts can give you freedom, levity, and emotional peace.

A brick wall gains much of both its strength and beauty from its mortar, the cement that inhabits the negative space between the bricks themselves.

Think of your life the same way. The big, eye-catching bricks are strong and beautiful, but not without a bit of mortar in between to hold it all together.

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