The Power of Accountability

(and why you need it)

Accountability is a word word many associate only with  consequences and blame, but there's much more to it than that.

When used intentionally, personal accountability is a tool that can help you stay on track with crucial goals and lifestyle changes.

Many of the things we most want to achieve in life - like getting in shape, building a career, or achieving financial freedom - are difficult to do.

To reach these goals, we need to maintain healthy behaviors consistently over the long term - no small feat.

Accountability is one of the best tools we have for building those habits and making those positive changes that last.

Humans are social animals, and personal accountability leans on our social strengths to create consistency and longevity.

Try some of the following techniques to make more use of personal accountability to reach your goals!

Tap Into Existing Systems

Accountability already exists in things like fitness clubs and support groups, a great place to start!

Find a Partner

Working with a loved one as an accountability buddy is a great way to establish structure.

Accept Responsibility

Being honest with yourself when you fall short of a goal is crucial to being more accountable for next time.

Reward, not Blame

Focus on the positive side of accountability, not on punishing yourself for every misstep.

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