Why You Need a Personal Mission Statement

Smarter and Harder

A personal mission statement is an artifact you create that helps to outline the values that are most important to you.

Its purpose is to remind you of those values so that they can guide your decisions and help you lead a life that makes you feel happy and fulfilled.

Mission statements usually take a written form, such as a few short paragraphs, or a simple list of values. But each one is entirely unique.

They can also take a more creative form, such as a poem, song, or even a drawing, as long as it reminds the owner of their core values.

One way to think of yours is as a compass, something to guide yourself back to the person you want to be when things get difficult or complex.

A thoughtfully-made mission statement can help a person achieve goals, build self-esteem, and feel more satisfied with the life they lead.

There's no strict process for creating a personal mission statement, but it usually starts with taking some time to yourself to think about what you care about most, and who you want to be.

Once you have a rough sense of the content you want to put in your statement, you can start to create it, whether in straightforward writing, or one of the weirder methods we mentioned before.

If you're struggling with getting started on yours, you can search online, or simply swipe up to find plenty of examples of others' mission statements.

It's also important to remember that a personal mission statement doesn't have to be set in stone. You will keep growing over time, and it can, too!

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