Smarter and Harder

Using the pomodoro technique to be more Productive

Juggling work, school, chores, and life's myriad other responsibilities is no small task, especially when you can't focus.

Ironically, when you have more to do, it can get even harder to be productive, when you need focus the most.

Over the years, experts have developed countless approaches to this problem, but one always seems to stick better than most: Pomodoro.

The Pomodoro technique is a simple method for increasing productivity and focus while also making room for rest.

Start by setting a timer. Until it finishes, you will focus entirely on one specific task.

When it ends, set another, shorter timer, and take a break. Repeat this cycle: work, break, work, break.

The strict time limit makes larger tasks seem small and manageable, and the slight sense of urgency increases attention.

You can start with 45-minute work sections and 10-minute breaks, and then adjust from there to what fits best for you.

Using this simple method, you can make more room in your day to get everything done, all while maintaining energy so you don't burn out.

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