We've All Been Getting Priorities Wrong.

Smarter and Harder

Priorities are vital for understanding what's most important, but we've all been going about our priorities the wrong way.

And no, it's not that your priorities have focused on the wrong things. No one can decide that but you.

Instead, it's the way we set, think about, and manage our priorities that makes the heart of the issue.

According to modern productivity and goal-setting experts, having a long list of priorities breaks from the core value of them.

Even using the plural word priorities rather than a singular priority may be a sign we're missing the point.

A priority by definition should come before anything else. It is your single most important focus.

If you have 10 priorities, they can't all come first. Only one is the true priority at any given time.

This distinction is more than petty semantics. It is a reminder about creating a meaningful, intentional life.

Most things in life are not the most important thing. And they can't all demand our attention first.

Slowing down to think about what matters most in each moment is a means to feel happier and more fulfilled.

On top of that, the clarity of a single priority can help you be more focused and productive, getting more done over time.

All it takes is one thing at a time, and then the next one. What is your top priority today?

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