7 Simple Steps to Write a Resignation Letter

Smarter and Harder

Leaving a job is never easy, but leaving on the right note can ease the process and set you up for future opportunities.

If you're ready to quit your current job, make sure to follow these steps to write a simple but effective letter of resignation.

Clearly state your intention to resign early in the letter. There's no need to distract from the main point!

#1 - Set the Tone

Let your employer know the exact date you would like to be your last day. Two weeks out is usually preferable.

#2 - Give Notice of Your Last Day

It's up to you whether or not to explain your reasons for leaving the job. In any case, it's best to remain professional and respectful.

#3 - Decide to How Much to Explain

Offering to help hire or train replacements, or otherwise ease the burden of your leaving, is a great way to step out on a positive note!

#4 - Offer Assistance

You may not have loved everything about the job, but expressing a couple of things you appreciate shows respect and empathy.

#5 - Show Gratitude

Keep your network and relationships active by letting your team know how they can contact you once you leave.

#6 Contact Info

All that's left is to make it official. Sign and date your letter, and hand it in when you're ready.

#7 Sign It

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