9 In-Demand Skills to Put on Your Resume

Smarter and Harder

1. Language Skills

The ability to understand and speak multiple languages is an incredibly valuable skill in an increasingly globalized workforce.

2. Software Proficiency

Almost every business relies heavily on numerous software tools, and diverse expertise in common applications is essential for a top-tier job applicant.

3. Tech/Coding

Even if not applying for a highly technical role, a deeper understanding of how software and coding works demonstrates that you are a smart worker who can solve a variety of problems.

4. Visual Design

Countless roles from marketing and advertising to business development can make use of someone who can make beautiful designs for a variety of purposes.

5. Project Management

An employee at any stage of a product pipeline who can track deadlines, stakeholders, and crucial communication is a significant asset to their team.

6. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Every organization needs to stand out online to thrive and grow, and understanding SEO can help you guide your company to achieving that.

7. Time Management

Time is money, and businesses value when an employee allocate and manage that "money" wisely and efficiently.

8. Communication

A high performer in any role should be able to convey critical information, keep team members informed, and navigate potentially difficult conversations.

9. Collaboration

A strong ability to support other team members, and know when to rely on the support of others, can multiply a job candidate's value and make them a much more appealing hire.

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