11 Easy Ways to Save Money Fast

Smarter and Harder

Overpaying for the convenience of simple services and easy-access products adds up to a hefty drain on your income.

#1 - Skip the "Convenience Tax"

Simply checking on your spending, even without creating a new budget, is a quick way to find your biggest money leaks.

#2 - Check Your Spending

For a day, a week, or any interval you see fit, try restricting yourself to zero discretionary spending.

#3 - Try a No-Spend Challenge

Every meal you make at home instead of dining out means a significant sum of cash back in your pocket!

#4 - Cook Your Own Meals

Coupons, shopping sales, buying in bulk, and knowing what to buy can help drastically cut down your grocery bill.

#5 - Reduce Your Grocery Bill

Whether shopping for groceries, clothes, or anything else, you will always spend less by sticking to a plan.

#6 - Shop With a List

When you are going to buy something, try to time your purchase around seasonal sales and clearance events.

#7 - Time Your Shopping

For online shopping, apps and browser extensions like Honey help you to find the best prices wherever you shop!

#8 - Use Apps for Extra Savings Online

Almost every major retail brand has a free loyalty program to help you passively save money when you buy.

#9 - Join Loyalty Programs

There are many ways to make cheap, simple, safe DIY-alternatives to common household supplies like cleaning products.

#10 - Make Your Own Household Products

Using your household appliances efficiently, keeping them clean, and maintaining them is a great way to avoid a hefty replacement bill.

#11 - Take Care of Your Appliances

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