9 Effective Ways to Save Money in College

1. Start a Budget

Keep an eye on what you're spending where before you worry about making any big changes.

2. Look for Student Discounts

A student ID is one of the best discount cards you'll ever have, at a surprising number of places!

3. Use the Library

In addition to books, school libraries are a great source of free movies, software, media, and more!

4. Use Your Whole Meal Plan

If you paid for your meals in advance, don't let a single one go to waste!

5. Attend Free Events

Students usually have access to countless free and fun events both on and off campus.

6. Plan Ahead With Your Debt

Even if your student loans are still in deferment, it can't hurt to think ahead about interest accrual.

7. Look for Scholarships

In addition to financial aid and university grants, countless organizations offer other types of student scholarships.

8. Stick With Roommates

Whenever possible, plan to live with at least one or two roommates each semester to slash housing costs.

9. Sell Items You No Longer Need

Before throwing anything away, look for a resale marketplace to recoup some of your cash.

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