How to Shatter the Scarcity Mindset

and live an abundant life

It is the easiest thing in the world to focus on the things we lack or need more of: time, money, joy, freedom, connection, etc.

There's only one problem: Focusing on the deficits makes them feel worse, and ironically makes it harder to gain more of those things.

This is the conundrum of the scarcity mindset: thinking only of what you lack builds a life defined by never having enough.

The alternative to a scarcity mindset is known as an abundance mindset, in which more of your attention goes to gratitude and appreciation for the things you do have.

Those with an abundance mindset tend to have greater mental health, satisfaction, and overall fulfillment in life.

Perhaps the weirdest part is that by focusing on abundance, you tend to invite more of it into your life, often in unexpected ways. 

If you want to break free of the scarcity mindset and building a life more defined by abundance, it's not too hard. It just takes time, effort, and patience.

One day at a time, practice redirecting thoughts away from lack and towards gratitude. Try to love what you have, exactly as it is.

With time, like training a muscle, your abundance mindset will grow stronger, eventually becoming your default way of thinking about the world around you.

As you intentionally hone your abundance mindset, watch it overcome your feelings of scarcity and fill your life with joy and all kinds of new opportunities.

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