6 Self-Education Skills for Ongoing Growth

Smarter and Harder

Many people believe that after finishing high school, college, or whatever their final level of schooling is, their education is complete.

But as many others know, one's education is never complete; it is a lifelong process of curiosity, growth, and exploration.

Learning doesn't stop after you leave school. It only changes shape and begins to go in the directions you want it to.

Building skills to continue learning and teaching yourself about the world opens new avenues to growth, fulfillment, and joy.

Try some of the following tips to start embracing your self-education fully, and become a more proficient student of the world around you!


Find the Right Resources

Whether you learn better through books, video, podcasts, or human conversation, equip yourself with the right tools for your brain!

Are you a visual learner or an experiential one? Do you like long reading sessions or quick bursts? Play to your unique style.


Know Your Style


See One, Do One, Teach One

Learn a new skill from all angles by practicing moving from student to teacher.

Ask questions, engage with the world around you, explore how things work and why they are the way they are.


Be Curious


Be Critical

Learning is not just acquiring information but practicing how to critically process and question incoming information.

When you learn something new, practice or study it until you've fully internalized, or "grokked" it.


Grok It

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