15 Affirmations for Positive Self-Love

Smarter and Harder

"I can make others smile."

Your presence has a positive impact on others, bringing them joy. Many of them will want to do the same for you in turn.

"I'm becoming more of me every day"

Life is growth. Through both hardship and easier times, you will continue to grow and discover more about yourself.

"I look great today"

Every day that you face the world as your full self, whether your hair's a mess or you're wearing your favorite hat, you look fantastic.

"I am the only me there has ever been"

The one thing we all have in common is that we're all unique. Keep shining your own unique light into the world!

"I am an important member of my community"

Whether it's a family, neighborhood, religious or other group, there is a community who appreciates you and is ready to support you.

"I am still here"

So far, every challenge in your life that has tried to stop you from moving forward has failed. What can stop you now?

"My goals and dreams are important."

You have many accomplishments still ahead of you, and each one will be uniquely yours.

"I do work that benefits others"

Whether at your job, at home, or in your community, you do many things that improve the lives of others around you.

"I'm not perfect"

Nor should you be. Life gives countless chances for progress and growth, but none of those means that there is anything wrong with who you are today.

"My life is a fascinating story"

The highs and lows of your life come together to form an epic tale with you as its hero. Each new obstacle adds to your amazing story.

"... and there's still so much left to tell"

As much as you've seen and done so far, many of the most exciting moments still have yet to come.

"I have learned from my mistakes"

There's no moving through life without a few regrets, but each teaches a valuable lesson that allows you to grow more into yourself.

"I am worthy of love"

You are worthy of your own love and the love of others. Not because of anything you have said, done, or become, but simply because you are you.

"No one else has walked in my shoes"

The experiences and accomplishments of your life have given you a unique perspective and a set of skills unlike anyone else's.


You, exactly the way you are, is all you need to be. You can always pursue new paths in life, but all you are is all you need to be.

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