Adopting a Smarter AND Harder  Mindset

You've no doubt heard the expression, "work smarter, not harder." It's classic advice that has stood the test of time. But what if we tweaked it a bit?

"Work smarter," in the adage, usually means to use simpler, more efficient methods to get things done when possible. 

Another way to picture working smarter is simply doing more with less- less time, effort, money, etc.

Working harder, on the other hand, is just as it sounds: putting more of your time, energy, and other resources into reaching the same result.

In a binary world where these are our only options, it absolutely makes sense to work smarter instead of harder. Why work twice as hard for the same outcome?

But what if, instead of one or the other, you combined these two ideas into one approach? What would smarter AND harder look like?

There is always a way to work smarter, and save resources like time and money. By reinvesting those extra resources back into your goals, you can bring Harder back into the equation at the same time.

By combining these two forces, efficiency and intensity, you can supercharge your progress in anything from your health to your career, finances, or other personal goals.

It's hard to believe how impactful this effect can be until you give it a try.  Pick an important goal in your life, and see if this simple approach works for you:

First, find a way to do it "smarter." Reduce points of friction, remove anything unnecessary, and see how you can smooth over the most difficult or resource-demanding parts.

Then, take this improved process, and keep working "harder." Put the same amount of energy, time, or money you would have the original way, and watch the results stack up.

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