Save Time, Work Smarter By Task Batching

Smarter and Harder

Task batching is one of the most effective ways to save time, increase productivity, and improve the flow of your day.

Task batching is essential because it addresses one of the biggest obstacles to efficient, focused work: context switching.

Context switching is a term for the mental cost of switching from one task to another, like from reading to having a conversation.

Context switching takes time and mental energy. It's only a small amount each time, but it quickly adds up.

Filling your day with a disorganized mix of different tasks and goals means frequent context switching, causing chaos, stress, and fatigue.

Task batching is a simple method for reducing the impact of context switching and making your day smoother and more productive.

As the name implies, task batching means organizing your day by grouping similar tasks together into "batches."

For instance, you can set blocks of the day for answering emails instead of letting them interrupt you whenever they come in.

Or, if you have many errands to run, try to combine them instead of needing to leave the house/office multiple times.

Any tasks that keep you in the same headspace are worth at least considering batching together.

The more you can arrange your day into simple, organized blocks of things that work together, the easier time management will become!

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