Thrifting: Secondhand Goods, First-Rate Value 

In the age of fast fashion, finding high quality clothing and other goods without overspending is no small task.

Buying from thrift shops and other secondhand stores is a great way to not just save money, but also find unique, durable items.

There are many ways to shop the used market, but some of the most common include thrift stores, consignment shops, used bookstores, and online thrift outlets.

While thrifting can be a great source of low-cost, high quality finds, not everything you find will be a stellar deal. Keep some of these tips in mind to make the most of your thrifting experience!

Choose the Best Time to Go

Time your shopping trip around holidays or popular clean-out times to find the most options.

Try Different Places

Explore different stores, and in different areas, to find more variety of potential great finds.

Shop the Right Products

Some products are better bought new, and some make ideal secondhand purchases. It's best to know which is which.

Practice Your Appraising Skills

A lot of the potential of thrifting comes down to how well you can spot hidden value at low cost.

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