Smarter and Harder

Nurturing Your Tree of Personal Growth

Personal growth can mean so many different and interconnected things, but the central idea is always the same: growth.

Whether the focus is on your health, career, happiness, relationships, or anything else, the goal of personal growth is always evolving over time.

Growth, in all its forms, is messy. It is unpredictable, and often involves unforeseen challenges. But still, we adapt.

To better understand this path, consider a mentor that knows a thing or two about growth: trees.

From the tiniest seed, a tree can grow to be one of the most majestic living things on Earth, surviving thousands of years in some cases, overcoming countless obstacles.

In many ways, your growth is just like that of a tree. So let's consider a few key lessons they can teach us.

1. start early

A tree does not grow to its full size overnight, but over many years. Start moving toward your goals as early as you can, and remain patient with the process.

2. get what you need

Plants can't thrive without sunlight, water, and good soil. Make sure you too are taking care of yourself along the way and looking after your basic needs.

3. trim the branches

In growth, there will always be some dead ends. Don't be afraid to let go of the things that no longer serve you, and allow the rest of the organism to thrive.

4. ride the seasons

Life brings cold winters, and bright moments of excitement and newness. Embrace both, and don't force one to be the other.

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