9 Tips for Killer Work From Home Productivity

Smarter and Harder

Working from home can be great in so many ways - more time around family, less time commuting, and a more peaceful environment.

But it also has unique challenges, like new distractions, focus, and maintaining healthy boundaries

The home office (or living room) is a wholly different setting from a traditional workplace, and the way we use it should reflect that.

If you work remotely, try some of the following tips to help you be more productive without giving up all the fun and fulfilment of staying home!

Even when there's no official dress code, your outfit matters. Try to get dressed every day to feel comfortable, confident, and focused.

#1 - Get Dressed

How you finish your day is as important as how you start it. Keep a routine to transition out of work each day to help distinguish between work time and home time.

#2 - Get Undressed

Try to stick to one or two places in your home where you work. This association helps improve focus while you are in these spaces.

#3 - Use Spaces Meaningfully

Not having a supervisor looking over your shoulder can be a relief, but it leaves a gap. Look for strategies to help you maintain accountability and stay on track.

#4 - Be Your Own Manager

Remember to take advantage of the flexibility of the home environment. Put on a show or something else fun in the background to keep your day light and enjoyable.

#5 - Watch TV (No, Seriously)

To the extent possible, filter your environment from unintentional distractions such as a busy room or frequent conversations.

#6 - Curate Your Input

Routine is huge for productivity, especially in a free-flowing setting. Stick to a similar schedule each day to reduce the friction of daily work.

#7 - Keep a Schedule

Remember what is most important each work day, and try to stay on top of it. Keep a list or calendar to remember your top commitments.

#8 - Track Objectives

Tools, such as timers, calendars, and notepad apps are HUGE for productivity in any environment, but particularly when you need to self-manage.

#9 - Use Tools

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