The Willpower Workout: 7 Ways to Improve Your Self-Control

Smarter and Harder

We often think of self-control as something people either have, or simply don't.

But rather than an inherent strength of character, what we call willpower is a mental process like any other.

Making long-term choices when we'd rather do something satisfying right now is hard. We can do it, but it takes energy.

Eventually that energy runs out, leaving us with little self-control until we have time to rest and recharge.

If you want to improve your self-control, consider some of these tips for growing and protecting your capacity for willpower.

Making too many decisions wears you out and makes it harder to make good choices. Reduce this demand as much as you can!

#1 - Reduce Decision Fatigue

Like a muscle, your willpower gets stronger with use. Try to consciously test your willpower to help it develop.

#2 - Willpower Challenges

Like with most things, self-control doesn't work as well when you're tired, so make sure you're getting enough good sleep!

#3 - Mind Your Sleep Schedule

In addition to being a good willpower challenge, exercise stimulates circulation of the resources your body needs to make good decisions.

#4 - Plain Old Exercise

On days you expect to be tiring or difficult, clear the runway for your evening to not rely too heavily on your willpower.

#5. Set up Easy Landings

Meditation improves bloodflow and builds a healthier relationship with your thoughts, leading to better capacity for self-control.

#6. Breathing Meditiation

With good habits in place, you won't need to rely as heavily on willpower to make healthy choices, leaving more capacity for self-control elsewhere.

#7. Habits and Routines

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